Baby Massage is a natural way to develop positive lasting relationships between caregivers and their infants.

Massage is an ancient technique that  was practised over 3,000 years ago by  cultures found mainly in the East, but was only significantly  recognised as a beneficial health and well being therapy in the West, around the 1970's.  Dr Tiffany Field from the  Touch Research Institute in the U.S.A. states that "Touch is as important to infants and children as eating and sleeping" so that gives us real insight as to the importance of touch through early massage techniques.  The Skin is the Largest sensory organ in the body and keeps the infants brain in touch with what is happening around them. By reaching out to build relationships by communicating with positive touch, we are naturally making contacts that produce comfort, happiness, confidence, and  trust in the precious early years of any childs life.

As early development patterns are responsible for much of our adult behaviour, positive caregiving at the start of life is essential to form happy secure attachments. The benefits of which are life long, offering trust and confidence to everyone involved.

Other benefits of baby massage include;

Improvement to babies circulation and lymphatic flow, increased flexibility, ease of muscle tension, alleviation of colic and stomach cramps from difficulties with digestion and trapped wind and prevention from constipation.

Babies love being  massaged so why not book a session with Gill in your own home, or at Cahm Therapies where you will be taught all the techniques to massage your baby and create a happy healthy enviroment for all the family.

Please note;

Baby Massage is taught on a life like doll so you do not need to bring baby with you.