Crystal Healing has been around since ancient times, the Egyptians knew how to use them for protection from negative influences.


The effects of Crystals on the human body can have positive effects towards better health. Crystals hold within them aeons of healing power for earthlings. Crystal healers use this natural life force to support people through difficult times and to balance their chakras back to homeostasis. Ensuring that your chakras are open and rotating correctly and free from negativity is the essence of wellbeing. Crystals have a remarkable affinity with mother earth in that they absorb, store, reflect and radiate light in the form of intelligent fields of stable energy. This precious energy will increase the vital life force within us all, if we are prepared to allow it in. In the UK, the laying on of stones using crystals is now becoming an accepted practice as a useful complementary treatment for anxieties, depression and other affect related mental illnesses.