As a holistic therapist I am committed to a person centred approach that addresses the mind, body, spirit and emotions. Individuals who experience specific mental health issues such as anxieties, depression, grief and trauma, need to find a safe space and trusting environment to talk about their issues and work with a therapist to address their feelings and emotions.

My clients report that the combination of comfortable surroundings, relaxing music, massage and inhalation with essential oils can help them find the peace within themselves where healing can take place.

Our bodies have the capacity to heal themselves over time if we are fortunate enough to be supported and can find the deep space within ourselves to access our healing potential. As a Holistic Therapist I am only a facilitator for this natural process and offer my services to clients who are willing to accept an integrated approach to their health.

Traditional medicine also known as orthodox medicine and allopathic medicine, has much to offer and can be combined with complementary therapies for maximum health benefits.

Clients who have benefited from visits to me include those with depression, anxieties, grief, hoarding issues, Lupus, and childhood traumas including child physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

If you think I may be able to help you please call or text me on my contact number.

Qualifications for this work include a Post Graduate Certificate from Leeds University for understanding and working with individuals who have experienced different kinds of distress and trauma, a Psychosynthesis Certificate (which included numerous studies of the great psychoanalysts such as Freud, Jung, Rogers, Laing, Assagioli, Maslow, Janov and Szasz), a Complementary Therapy Degree and study of Contemporary Mental Health Issues. These studies have provided me with a unique grasp of holism and continue to drive my professional and ethical stance.