Indian Head Massage

 I.H.M. Is a  powerful massage treatment that originated in India thousands of years ago. It can be used to invigorate the scalp, add oils to the hair for beauty and strength, or as a powerful anti -stress treatment for individuals who are overworked, tired and listless,due to pressure build up in the back, shoulders, neck and head.

Gills practice offers a combination of massage techniques that fit the needs of the client. These techniques can alleviate  headaches from an overload of information and stress in the head, resulting in a calmer more relaxed sense of being.  I.H.M. can be offered as an add on to other treatments, such as aromatherapy and facials or received as a full treatment where the back, shoulders, neck and head will be massaged.  This treatment reduces tension in the muscles and  strain and pressure build up in the neck and  head. Releasing such pressures allows the whole body to relax and offers the client a sense of well being.

Regular treatments will ensure a healthier you and contribute to the body’s natural support system that fights disease and fatigue. Massage to the head promotes better circulation of the cerebral fluid  helping to release headache causing blockages. Book an appointment today  and discover how to regain clarity of mind and workplace performance. Your Boss will be delighted !